Alternate Drilled Shaft Foundations Quantities (new 09/03/13), E 802-SCLS-01 11/15/99, format update only) Alloy, Steel-Bolted: 9 x 2 (rev. 09/01/17) Inlet Type E & F (rev. Casting Type 12 (Alternate) Frame & Grate (rev. E 717-PHCL-03 Steel H-Pile Splice (eff. 09/01/20) E 503-CCPJ-03 E 715-PHCL-16 09/04/12, editorial only) 11/15/99, format update only) Download all Standard Drawings effective September 2020 (pdf 157 MB) Standard Drawing Index (MS-Excel, English) - Please use the Standard Drawing Index to search for . Reinforced Concrete Bridge Approach Square(rev. 09/01/18), Combined Concrete Curb & Gutter (eff. Cover Limits--Misc. Slat Atop MSE Wall-HMA. Concrete Bridge Railing Transition, TTX Sections (rev. Precast Concrete Manhole Sections (rev. 03/01/02) 09/01/16) Expansion Joint Class SS Sidewalk, Sections (rev. E 601-GRET-12, Guardrail End Treatment Type I Layout (eff. E 802-SNGS-02 Street Approach (del. 09/01/17) 03/01/05), Right-of-Way Marker and Concrete Parking Barrier (eff. E 715-MPES-03, Metal Pipe End Section, Circular Pipe (rev. 09/01/19) Concrete Bridge Railing Transition Type TFT Bar-Bending Diagrams (rev. 09/01/19) 09/04/01) Plan & Elevation (new 09/03/13) E 720-INST-05C 09/01/11) 09/01/17) 09/01/04) E 801-TCTC-06 E 602-CCMB-04, Drain & Joint Placement Plans & Sections (eff. 09/01/09) 09/01/20) E 807-LTUP-06 Temporary Erosion Control Perimeter Construction Entrance (new 09/01/19), E 205-TECS-01 09/01/11), E 601-NWGA-01 E 802-SNCS-03, Cable Span Sign Structure Details Elevation (eff. Pipe, Structural-Plate, Alum. 11/15/99, format update only), Two-Lane Roadway Plan and Section (rev. 09/01/11), E 601-RHPG-01 E 601-CWGS-06, Guardrailed Public Road Approach at Bridge End (rev. E 715-GBTO-04 INDOT; Doing Business with INDOT; Standards & Specifications; Current: Standard Drawings. 11/15/99, format update only) Spread Foundation at 45" Concrete Barrier Wall (new 09/03/13) 11/15/99, format update only), E 715-GBTT-01 07/27/99, format update only) 09/01/11), Attachment at Square Nose Pier (eff. Urban Detour (rev. Concrete Bridge Railing Transition Type TFC E 601-MGSA-16 09/01/19, format update only), HMA-Pavement Wedging & Transition Milling (rev. 11/15/99, format update only) 11/15/99, format update only) 11/15/99, format update only), Curb Turnout to A-3 Inlet (rev. E 720-ICCA-18 09/01/19) Post Details, Bearing Plate (rev. Channelizing Devices (rev. E 802-SNGP-12 Paired Parallel Curb Ramps and Midlock Crossing Curb Ramp Typical Placement (eff. W-Beam Guardrail, Two-Lane Two-Way Roadway, Working Width, 3'-3" and < 4'-0" (new 09/01/19) Pipe, Structural-Plate, Steel, Bolted: 6 x 2 (rev. Railing, TF-2 Elevation, Section, and Rail End Detail (rev. Steel Sign Posts Anchor Base Details (rev. 09/01/18) E 720-SDCP-03, Slotted Drain Pipe Cleanout Port (eff. E 706-BRTF-02 09/04/12), E 731-MSEW-01 E 610-PRAP-05 Loading Diagrams (new 09/03/13) 01/03/00) 09/04/12, editorial only), E 704-BDCG-01 E 601-GRBS-03 Pipe-Arch, Structural-Plate, Steel, Bolted: 6 x 2 (rev. Manhole Casting Type 4 Ring & Cover (rev. Bridge-Approach Guardrail Divided Roadway (eff. 09/01/16) Grated Box End Section Type II Dimensions & Quantities (rev. Expansion Joint Class SS Joint-Setting Information (edit. 09/01/05) E 807-LTHH-03, Light Handhole Details (rev. 2020 Standard Drawings. The MUTCD is published by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) under 23 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 655, Subpart F. 09/01/17, format update only) E 802-DMSS-05 Freeway Exit Ramp (rev. 01 Definitions General Provisions 101 through 150. . 09/03/13, editorial only) Type S for Steel Beams (rev. Construction Standard Drawings. Construction Memorandums; . 09/01/19), E 601-WBGA-01 E 802-DMSS-10 E 601-GRET-06 Spread Foundation at Median or Shoulder, 36" Height (new 09/03/13) 09/04/01) E 807-LTLR-03 07/27/99, format update only) E 701-BPIL-05, Reinforced-Concrete Encasement for Piles (eff. Standard Drawings. Public Road Approach Overlay Paving Transition (rev. E 801-TCLC-09 09/01/09), E 717-ANCH-01 09/01/16) E 802-SNGS-09 Public Road Crossovers Types M & N (eff. E 720-ICCA-11 09/01/18) 11/15/99, format update only) Pipe, Parallel-Structure End Section (rev. 07/27/99, format update only), E 718-UNDR-01 Pipe Backfill Method 2, New or Existing Drive (eff. E 724-BSSJ-04A Precast culvert standards. Structure Type G, H, or I Foundation, 36" Height (new 09/03/13), E 802-SCSB-01 E 726-BEBP-04 Railing Type FC and Moment Slab Atop MSE Wall HMA Pavement (del. Inlet Type J (eff. Doing Business with INDOT; Standards & Specifications; Standard Drawings; Current: Section 600. 09/01/11), Transition at 6'-3" Post Spacing (eff. E 723-CCSP-06, 10-0 Span Width < 20-0 (eff. Plan, Base-Slab Method (eff. 11/15/99, format update only) Mailbox Assemblies Elevation View (eff. Tree Pruning, Intermediate Tree Multiple Stem (rev. 09/01/19) E 715-GBTO-03 09/01/17 ) Wide-Flange Sign Support Base Connection ( rev. 09/04/01) Steel Diaphragms Indiana Bulb-Tees, 54" Depth (eff. Grading at Guardrail End Treatments Types I & OS (eff. Nested Guardrail for Medium Drainage Structure (eff. E 717-PHCL-06 E 606-SHCG-03 09/01/17, format update only) 09/01/17) Wide-Flange Sign Support, Post Selection Table,Clear Height=20 ft (new 09/01/17) Flashing Beacon with Warning Sign Details (rev. 09/04/01) Omitted Post 09/01/11) Alternate Drilled Shaft Foundation at 33" Concrete Barrier Wall (new 09/03/13) 01/02/01) Steel Pipe-Arch 2 2/3" x 1/2" (rev. These drawings are not to be altered in any way. Manhole Type D, E, F, & G (eff. E 601-RHPG-09, Roadside Obstruction Protection Guardrail Index and General Notes (rev. South Bend, Indiana, United States. 11/15/99, format update only), E 720-ICCA-01 Transverse Contruction Joint Details (rev. End Support Top Cap, Handhole, and J-Hook Details (new 09/03/13) Type S Table of Dimensions (rev. Casting Type 15 Grate (rev. E 808-MKPM-05 Combination Pole Splice Details for Arms Greater Than 35' to 60' (rev. 09/01/19) E 610-DRIV-06 E 706-MSRW-06 11/15/99, format update only), Corrugated Metal Pipe or Pipe-Arch (rev. E 802-SBTS-26 Traffic Signal Loop Installation (eff. Grated Box End Section Type II Grate Details (rev. 09/04/12) E 802-SNBB-04 E 601-MGSA-17 Standard Drawings Complete Set; Standard Drawing Index (MS-Excel, English) Effective on or after September 1, 2020 . E 802-SBTS-05 E 09/01/11) 11/15/99, format update only) Detector Card Rack Detail (eff. E 802-SBTS-22 End Support Anchor Bolt and Metal Skirt Details (new 09/03/13) E 715-SMES-05 E 802-SCSB-06 09/01/19), Temporary Erosion Control Perimeter (del. Lighting Walkway Fixture Mount Details (new 09/03/13) 11/15/99, format update only) 09/01/19, format update only), E 205-TECD-01 Alum. E 606-SHCG-02 E 601-GRBS-06 Transition at 12'-6" Post Spacing (eff. Construction Memorandums; Design Memorandums; General Instructions to Field Employees (GIFE) Interstate Highways . 03/01/06) 09/01/11), Integral (Vertical), Type B (Sloping), and Type C (Vertical), Concrete Curbs, HMA Curbs, & Sawed Joints (rev. Public Road Crossover Plans (eff. E 808-DLIM-03 Planting Balled & Burlapped Tree (rev. Steel Pipe-Arch 3" x 1" (rev. E 805-SGFB-05, Flashing Beacon with Warning Sign (rev. Horizontal and Vertical Sheet Sign Clearance (edit. 09/04/12) Cover Limits--Corr. E 805-TSCS-04 03/01/02) Traffic Control Sign Design Details (rev. 11/15/99, format update only) 09/01/19) Concrete and Riprap Slopewall Details (rev. 09/04/12, editorial only), E 706-MSRW-01 09/01/19) E 610-PRAP-04 Tag Details (new 09/03/13) 09/01/17) 09/01/19) E 706-MSRW-09 E 801-TCDV-07 09/04/12), E 807-LTUP-01 Maintenance of Traffic for RPM Casting Installation (eff. 05/01/00) 09/02/03) Highway Illumination Tower Luminaire Ring Assembly (rev. E 720-INST-02 Wide-Flange Sign Support, Foundation (new 09/01/17), E 802-SNGS-01 E 802-SNGS-05 Center Hood Mount (rev. Alum. Plan 09/01/17) Plan & Elevation (new 09/03/13) (b) Vaults shall be installed in accordance with the approved permit plans and specifications. E 808-DLIM-07 11/15/99, format update only) Standard road plans show standardized design features, construction methods, and approved materials to be used in design plans for interstate, primary, and secondary road construction in the State of Iowa. E 603-CLTF-02 09/01/16) 09/01/17), E 715-SLDR-01 11/15/99, format update only), E 715-MPCA-01 (eff. Temporary Closures (eff. Pipe, Elevation & Section (rev. E 701-BPIL-02 E 805-SDAC-06 Polyethylene Pipe (rev. LRFD precast culvert standards. Alloy Pipe 6" x 1"(Riveted) (rev. 09/01/17) E 604-SWCR-06 09/04/01), E 802-TCSS-01 09/01/17) E 802-DMSS-21 03/03/03) E 801-TCSN-03 The Standard Drawings are for use on Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) and Federal-Aid projects. E 601-TTGB-04 E 717-MPCA-02, Double- or Triple-Pipes (rev. E 601-GCTA-06, End Panel Plan & Elevation (eff. E 715-GBTO-06 Casting Type II Frame & Grate (rev. Mailbox Support Hardware (edit. Sidewalk Details Sidewalk Adjacent to Curb (rev. Highway Illumination Tower Power Unit Mounting Bracket Detail (rev. 11/15/99, format update only), Combined Curb & Gutter Turnouts (eff. Public Road Approach Type A (rev. Route Marker Details Arrow and Cardinal Direction Signs (rev. 09/04/12) 09/01/19) E 807-LTWR-04, Lighting Wiring Details Connection Types 1, 2, 3 (rev. E 805-SGLI-05 Planting Multi-Stem Tree (rev. Underpass Lighting Details Pendant Mounting (eff. 09/01/20) E 720-ICCA-05 09/03/13, editorial only) 09/01/18) 09/04/01) 09/01/2021), E 609-TBAE-01 Transverse Joint Seals (del. E 105-RCBL. 09/02/08) E 509-CCJR-02 Drilled Shaft Foundation Type A for Arms 35' or Less (rev. E 205-TECS-04, Temporary Interceptor Ditch (edit. E 603-FFTF-04, Farm Field Type Fence Elevation, Post Chart (eff. Effective for Lettings on or after September 1, 2020. Drawing Index and General Notes Installation Details Installation Details at Curb E 801-TCTC-02 01/03/00) 09/01/19) 09/01/19) Concrete Barrier Sections (eff. 09/03/02) Panel Sign Connection Details (rev. E 720-ICCA-19, Casting Type 5 Frame (eff. 07/27/99, format update only) Cable Terminal Anchor System 11/15/99, format update only) 09/04/12) E 601-GAIA-03, Alignment of Attenuator, Pad & Roadway (eff. E 715-PHCL-19 Catch Basin Type D (eff. 09/01/19) Highway Illumination Tower Handhole Details (rev. E 706-MSRW-02 09/01/19) E 802-SCLS-18 Cabinet Punchout Details (eff. E 604-SWCR-08 09/01/20) E 205-TECD-07 Highway Illumination Tower Bottom Latch and Winch Details (rev. Anchor System Details (rev. E 715-SMES-07 11/15/99, format update only) INDOT ITS Cabinet Microloop Card Rack Wiring Diagram (eff. 09/01/17) Pipe Backfill Method 3, Median Installation, Trench (eff. 11/15/99, format update only), Guardrail Transition Type TGT Plan & Elevation (eff. E 606-SHCG-06 E 802-SCSB-09, Drawing Index (new 09/02/14) 09/01/05) 2020 Standard Drawings. E 707-SDPC-05 Class VI Drive Approach Grades (rev. E 503-CCPJ-07 Cover Limits--Misc. Tree Protection (rev. E 802-TCSS-09 E 802-SNBB-05, Bridge Bracket Assembly for Crossroad Signing, Type A (eff. 09/01/20) E 715-BKFL-09 Catch Basin Type K (rev. Underpass Lighting Details Circuit Breaker Wiring Detail (rev. 11/15/99, format update only) Download all Standard Drawings effective September 2020 (pdf 157 MB) Standard Drawing Index (MS-Excel, English) - Please use the Standard Drawing Index to search for . 09/01/19) 09/03/02) Concrete Railing Placement (new 09/01/19), E 706-BRTF-01 09/01/05) 09/01/17, format update only) 09/04/12) Continuous Lane Closures: Left Lane Closed (eff. 07/27/99, format update only), Pipe Anchor Hook Bolt Details (rev. E 604-SWCR-03 E 601-GRET-07 09/03/02) E 805-SGGR-02 E 303-STRW. Double Arm Panel Dimensions and Member Sizes (new 09/03/13) E 706-BRPP-05 E 801-TCSN-04 Cast-In-Place Concrete Coping (rev. E 610-DRIV-20 Steel Diaphragms Indiana Bulb-Tees, 60" or Deeper (eff. - See STD Drawing BC-601-001 Concrete Sidewalk - See STD . E 607-PSDT-06, Paved Side Ditch Elevations Types A-H and J-M (eff. Walkway Grating Details (new 09/03/13) E 607-PSDT-05 11/15/99, format update only), E 717-MPCA-01 09/01/04), E 602-CCMB-01 11/15/99, format update only) 05/01/00) E 808-MKRM-08 09/01/19) E 706-TTPP-05 Concrete Bridge Railing Transition TBC or TBT Attachment of Guardrail. E 503-BATJ-03, Terminal Joint Index and General Notes (rev. E 610-DRIV-15 Method for Determining Quantities within Structure Limits (edit. E 601-NWGA-02 E 802-SBTS-09 Revised April 28, 2021. Pavement Wedge and Pay Limits for Class II, IV and VI Drives (rev. E 609-TBAE-03 E 801-TCFO-04 01/03/00) Steel Pipe 3" x 1"(Lock Seam) (rev. 09/02/14, editorial only) Steel Pipe 3" x 1"(Riveted) (rev. E 715-PHCL-06 Flange & Chord End Plate Details (new 09/03/13) 09/01/17) Interior Walkway Grating Details (new 09/03/13) Railing, TX Pier or End Bent Pilaster (rev. 04/03/95) E 720-ICCA-02 E 707-SDPC-02 E 805-SGCF-06, Controller Cabinet Foundation Type P-1 (rev. Inlets Type S & T (eff. 09/02/08) 09/01/20), Existing PCCP to New HMA Pavement (eff. E 503-CCPJ-05 E 802-SCLS-02 Center Ditch Inlet Perpendicular to Center Line Roadway (eff. 09/01/11), E 724-BSSJ-01 E 718-UNDR-05 Inlet Type HA with Slotted Drain Pipe Plan View (rev. E 715-PHCL-03 But when you're done reading it, click the close button in the corner to dismiss this alert. E 802-SCLS-03 09/01/19) installation heights are E 802-DMSS-11 E 706-MSRW-04 Daylight Lane Closures: Right Lane Closed (rev. 09/01/17) Temporary Inlet Protection, Filter Bag Insert (new 09/01/19) Highway Illumination Tower Wiring Details (rev. 09/01/19) E 802-SCLS-15 E 807-LTHI-12 E 500-PTRN-03 E 601-RHPG-07 09/01/19) 03/01/06) Attachment at Round Nose Pier (eff. Casting Type 8 Grate (rev. Aluminum Light Pole with Transformer Base (rev. Casting Type 10 Frame (rev. 09/01/18) Mailbox Approaches Low Speed Roadway (rev. 09/03/02) 09/01/19), Ramp Entrance/Exit, HMA Shoulder (del. Traffic Control Signs (rev. 11/15/99, format update only), E 601-TTGB-01 E 807-BLIT-02 Plan, Elevation, Conduit Drain (rev. E 801-TCTC-08 Public Road Approach Type C Table Of Values (rev. Division 100 - General ProvisionsTopics Include: Determining Quantities within Structure Limits, Division 200 - EarthworkTopics Include: Erosion Control & Backfill, Division 300 - Aggregate Pavement and BasesTopics Include: Shoulder Treatment Resurfacing Work & Transition Milling Pavement, Division 400 - Asphalt PavementsTopics Include: Pavement Type Transition, Division 500 - Concrete PavementsTopics Include: Terminal Joints, PCCP Joints, and Concrete Pavement Patching, Division 600 - Incidental ConstructionTopics Include: Curb Ramps, Approach Slabs, Guardrails, Impact Attenuators, Anchor Systems, Fencing, Median Barriers, Sidewalks, Curbs & Gutters, Pavement Corrugations, Ditches & Drains, Division 700 - StructuresTopics Include: Bridge Pilings, Construction Joints, Reinforcing Steel, Bridge Railing, Bridge Railing Transitions, Box Culverts, Pipe Anchors, Underdrains, Catch Basin Casting, Inlets, Manholes, Bridge Joints, and MSE Walls, Division 800 - Traffic Control Devices & LightingTopics Include: Temporary Concrete Barriers, Traffic Control, Sign Structures, Sign Placement, Signal Controllers, Bridge Lighting, and ITS Cabinents, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification, Local Public Agency Programs Project Application and Delivery, Standard Drawings effective September 2021 (pdf 161 MB), File a claim for property damage and/or personal injury, Temporary Erosion Control Inlet (del. E 706-TTTF-04, Bridge Railing Transition, TTF-2 Plan & Elevation (rev. 11/15/99, format update only) E 604-SWCR-02 E 802-DMSS-09 09/01/19) 09/01/18), Thrie-Beam Guardrail to Thrie Beam Guardrail Transition, TTT (eff. Maintenance of Traffic for RPM Casting Replacement (eff. Expansion Joint Class SS Sidewalk, Sections (rev. Alloy, Steel-Bolted: 9 x 2 (rev. E 720-ICCA-12 Temporary Concrete Barrier Details (rev. 09/03/02) Slotted Drain Pipe Grate Details (rev. Light Handhole Drain & Cable Marker (rev. 07/27/99, format update only), Should Drain Plan & Elevation (rev. Urban Route Marker Assemblies (new 09/01/17), E 801-TCDV-01 Light Foundation (eff. Temporary Concrete Barrier Double Taper End SectionBarrier Anchorage (new 09/01/19) E 715-MPES-02 Grading Requirements for Large Drainage Structure (eff. 09/01/16) E 808-MKPM-07), E 808-MKRM-01 Bridges and Structures. E 805-SGSP-03 03/03/03) E 801-TCDV-05 Railing, PF-1 Elevation, Section, and Rail End Detail (rev. These drawings show the details of various construction items and are used in conjunction with the Standard Specifications. Wide-Flange Sign SupportFuse/Hinge Plate Connection (edit. E 802-SCLS-10 E 601-TTGB-03 Cover Limits--Corr. 09/04/12), E 706-TTPP-01 E 802-SCSB-07 Guardrail Assembly for any Structure Width (eff. Section at Stream Crossing or Depression (eff. Bridge Railing Transition TFT, Details at End Bent (rev. Spread Foundations Quantities (new 09/03/13) Thrie-Beam W-Beam Transition Post and Block Details (eff. 09/01/19) 09/01/19) Cable Terminal Anchor System 09/01/18) E 704-BDCG-05, Deck Drain Type OS (rev. 01/03/00) MGS W-Beam Guardrail, Multi-Lane Divided Roadway, Working Width, 4'-0" and < 4'-5" (new 09/01/19) Inlet Type N (eff. E 802-SCLS-12 09/03/13, editorial only) E 706-BRPP-03 E 715-PHCL-22 E 718-UNDR-04 INDOT > Doing Business with INDOT > Standards & Specifications > Standard Drawings > September 2014 > English Sections 100-300. 09/01/17, format update only) Plan, Elevation, Member Size, and Camber (new 09/02/14) Three-Sided Concrete Culvert Scour Protection, Plan, 10'-0" Span Width < 20'-0". E 601-MGSA-07 Cover Limits--Corr. E 808-MKRM-06 07/27/99, format update only) 11/15/99, format update only), E 805-SGLI-01 Typical Pedestrian Pushbutton Assembly Locations (new 09/01/17), E 805-SDAC-01 E 724-BSSJ-05 E 713-TCTR-04, Temporary Runaround Geometrics (eff. Units available in 31 in. Installation and Splice Detail (eff. 09/01/11) E 704-BDCG-02 Railing, PF & PS Details (del. 12/21/2021 Source: Claiborne S. Guy, director, employment policy & practices, AGC of America On Friday, December 17, the U.S. Court of Appeals for . Merging or Shifting Taper (rev. Send the request to and include the title sheet or appropriate plan sheet with the standard identified. Inlet Type G (rev. E 211-BFIL-04 TS 3HOLIDAYS WHEN WORK IS NOT PERMITTED4 . Signal Arm Dimensions and Details (rev. Sign Details (rev. 09/02/08) 09/01/11), Box Culvert Sumping and Scour Protection (eff. Traffic Control Sign Design Details (rev. E 706-MSRW-03 E 809-ITSC-02 E 805-SDAC-07 E 601-WBGC-02 E 701-BPIL-04 E 802-SCLS-22, Drawing Index (new 09/03/13) Effective for Lettings on or after September 1, 2020. Rumble Stripe Limits: Near an Intersection, Drive, Bridge, or Railroad (new 09/01/19) E 718-UNDR-03 07/27/99, format update only) E 720-ICCA-04 09/02/03) 09/01/11) E 605-CNCC-03, Concrete Center Curb Type A (eff. E 802-SBTS-14 Proficient in use of the Indiana Design Manual, the INDOT Specifications Book, the INDOT Standard Drawings, the INDOT Utility Coordination process and the INDOT Pavement Design process. Expansion Joint Class SS (Alternate B) (eff. Retrofit Load Transfer for Load (eff. Pipe, Dimensions Tables: Circular Pipes & Pipe-Arches (rev. ITD is not responsible for their use by other parties. Temporary Closures (eff. 09/02/03) 09/01/19), Ramp Entrance/Exit, Concrete Shoulder (del. E 802-SCLS-11 Steel Pipe 5" x 1"(Lock Seam) (rev. 03/01/06), E 801-TCSN-01 E 808-MKPM-06, Roundabout Traffic Arrows (new 09/01/15) Spread Foundations Quantities (new 09/03/13), E 802-SBTS-01 Bridge Approach (eff. Light Service Point Details Cabinet Wiring Type I (eff. E 801-TCFO-06, Flagger Operations (rev. E 717-ANCH-03, Structural-Plate Steel Pipe-Arch (rev. E 807-LTHI-05 E 704-BDCG-04 09/01/19) Smooth Pipe, Dimensions Tables: Circular & Elliptical Pipes (rev. Temporary Crossover Typical Sections (eff. E 707-BPBF-03 09/04/07) 09/01/09) E 801-TCLC-03 11/15/99, format update only), Pipe Catch Basin Casting Plan & Elevation (rev. Fill Section Foreslope 4:1 or 3:1 (eff. Cover Limits--Corr. E 610-DRIV-12 Perimeter Protection, Silt Fence (new 09/01/19) E 617-CDIN-02 09/01/15) 09/01/19) E 805-SGLI-06, Traffic Signal Loop Installation (rev. Traffic Control for Intersection Work (rev. Table of Dimensions, Spans 34' thru 81' (new 09/03/13) 09/01/20) Panel Dimensions, Spans 36' thru 83' (new 09/03/13) E 616-SWCO-06 09/01/17, format update only) Walkway Grating Details (new 09/03/13) E 807-BLIT-03 Last Updated: 05/18/2020. E 503-CCPJ-08, PCCP Joints Index (rev. E 802-TCSS-11 11/15/99, format update only) Smooth Pipe, Elevation & Section (rev. 09/04/12, prev. 09/01/19) Reinforced Concrete Bridge Approach Skewed(rev. 11/15/99, format update only) Bridge standards. E 805-SGSC-03 Grated Box End Section Type I Dimensions (rev. Temporary U-Turn for Contractor's Vehicles (eff. 09/01/11) 09/01/19) 11/15/99, format update only), E 715-SMES-01 11/15/99, format update only), E 807-LTFD-02 09/01/19) E 715-SMES-06 Drop Manhole Type C (eff. 09/01/19) Cover Limits--Corr. 09/02/03) Public Road Crossover Plan for HMA Pavement (eff. 09/01/19) 09/02/08) 03/01/02), E 601-GCTA-01 E 707-SDPC-03 11/15/99, format update only) E 715-BKFL-07 Standard Drawings. 11/15/99, format update only) 09/01/15; renumbered, prev. Metal Pipe End Section Connections (rev. 03/03/03) Detail of Detector Housing (rev. E 805-SGLI-04 Temporary Crossover Type B Paving and Closure Layout (eff. Lower Chord Connection Details (new 09/03/13) 09/01/15) E 601-MGSA-12 09/01/20), E 706-TTFC-01 E 807-LTHH-02 Freeway - Double Acceleration Lanes (new 09/01/2018), E 808-MKNB-01 E 506-CCPP-07, Concrete Pavement Patching Drawing Index and General Notes (rev. E 622-LSPR-06 Catch Basin Type S (eff. Casting Type 10 Curb Box (rev. E 805-TSCS-14 E 715-GBTT-05 Highway Illumination Tower Winch Drive Details (rev. E 601-NWGA-04, 25'-0" Span Nested Guardrail for Large Drainage Structure (editorial rev. E 802-SCLS-07 E 801-TCSC-03, Traffic Control for Shoulder Closure (eff. Backfill Placement Behind End Bent Beam or Girder Structure (rev. E 622-LSPR-05 03/01/05) E 500-PTRN-02 E 611-MBAS-04, Single Mailbox Assembly (eff. 11/15/99, format update only), Structural-Plate Pipe or Pipe-Arch (rev. 09/04/12), Type A Construction Joint (rev. 09/04/07), E 723-CCSP-01 E 715-SMES-03 09/01/20) Arm Connection Details (new 09/03/13) 09/01/19) E 801-TCLC-10 E 807-LTSP-04, Light Service Point Details Service Point Type I (rev. 09/01/19) 01/03/00) Railing & Moment Slab at MSE (edit. Expansion Joint Class SS (Alternate C) (eff. E 606-SHCG-08 E 801-TCLC-04 09/03/13, editorial only) Traffic Control for Overhead Sign Installation (rev. 05/01/00) E 601-GRBS-07 E 801-TCCO-02 E 805-TSCS-02 E 805-SGCF-04 09/01/11) Pipe Backfill Method 1, Existing Asphalt Roadway, Trench (edit. Patch Lengths Greater Than 60' (new 09/01/20) E 603-FFTF-03 E 601-MGSA-10 E 503-CCPJ-02 Railing, PF-1 and PS-1 Steel Tube and Rail Splice Details (rev. E 805-SGCO-07 E 807-LTHI-07 E 706-BRTF-03 E 715-GBTT-04 E 622-LSPL-11 TS 1GOVERNING DOCUMENTS3. E 715-BKFL-08 E 601-RHPG-08 Median Cut-Through and Median Perpendicular Curb Ramp Typical Placement (rev. 09/01/11) 09/03/02) 09/01/17, format update only) 09/01/17), Draintile Classes: Extra, Extra-Duty, Special (rev. E 720-SDCP-02 E 802-SCSB-05 E 802-SNGS-06 E 601-MGSA-20 IWA Turf Removal #Rebates are available for residential and commercial customers. 09/01/17) E 802-SNGS-10 E 802-SBTS-24 E 500-PTRN-04, Existing HMA Pavement to New PCCP (eff. Casting Type 15 Frame (rev. 09/01/19) Quadri-Chord Plan and Elevation (new 09/03/13) 09/04/12, prev. Service & Controller Mounted on Wood Pole (rev. Railing, TF-2 Base Plate and Bar Bend Details (new 09/01/19), E 706-BRTX-01 03/01/06) E 715-SLDR-02 E 706-TTPP-03 Public Road Crossovers Types K & L (eff. 09/01/19, format update only) Railing, PF-1 and PS-1 Base Plate and Reinforcing Bar Bending Details (rev. E 805-SGCF-05 09/01/10) Deck Drain Type OS Grate (rev. E 205-TECD-03 E 601-GRET-10 09/04/12) E 706-BRPP-02 E 610-DRIV-03 E 717-PHCL-04 dead gd members,